Siberian Man

This figure pays tribute to the Koryak People of Northeast Russia. The traditional clothing of the Koryak people was made of furs similar to our Alaska Native people including reindeer fur. Reindeer fur was warmer than any other because of the insulating nature of its hollow hair. The women paid particular attention to the detail on their garments to show respect for the materials, as well at the hunter. The designs were mostly geometric and beautifully produced by sewing regular and perfect stitches so that the hunter wearing the garment would please the game. I have replicated some of the details of their applique work through the scrimshaw. The gold detail in the lower garment represents the main mode of traditional travel, a man being pulled by a reindeer on a sled, thereby allowing the piece to become a more complete representation.


About denisewallacejewelry

I am an Alaska Native jeweler living in Hawai'i with strong ties to New Mexico
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