Hawaii Collaboration 2012

The week of October 16-21, 2012 I spent at the Lake Family home/studio in Holualoa with 30 plus other artist/craftspeople working on collaborating art. The artwork was then shuffled off to the Holualoa Art Center where it was auctioned off in a beautiful evening setting with great food and drinks.

Their facebook page has wonderful photos and insight to the concept of this gathering.

This is a copy from their facebook page to give you an idea of their mission statement and the concept of this gathering


30 invited artists will collaborate to bring you creative, original art pieces. All proceeds benefit art scholarships and future events.


“Ho’o hui a ho’opa’a, Olelo no eau.” “Bringing together all skillful artists and the talented/wise, to gather as a people and stand together.”

General Information

There is no better way to expand as an artist than to come together with like minded individuals. These individuals can create a ripple effect in their communities and help begin an explosion of creativity. From October 20 – 24, twenty five master artists representing 14 different media gathered together for three days and nights to share, learn, and create art together. The concept was intriguing, but the experience was life changing as the creative process was compressed and then exploded. Modeled after larger events in Canada ( the Emma Collaboration) and New Zealand, this event hopes to expand into a multi-cultural and international gathering that will build bridges between worlds. The 58 pieces produced are currently on exhibition in Holualoa at the Loveins’ Holualoa Gallery and at the Cliff Johns gallery and a no reserve auction will be held on November 19th with funds going towards more collaborations. The support for this idea has been most encouraging. Thanks to all who helped make this happen.

I had a fantastic week with all of the artists. I worked with Kapa Artist Ben Ka’uhane Haloca and collaborated on several pieces with different artists, including ceramicist Amber Aguirre, blacksmiths Henry Pomfret, Spike Blaine and Ethan Froney, encaustic artist John Matsushita, wood worker John Mydock and glass artist Hugh Jenkins.

The week started out with a pule by Ben Haloca and Kala Willis and their ohana. This helped to unify us as a group and to call in our protectors to keep us from hurting ourselves or anyone else. Since I had never been to this type of gathering I was nervous and excited to see what would happin. Well it was more that I can express in this post, but it started off with a yard full of antique junk, wood, metal and lots of equipment, where the more experienced collaborators ran out of the starting gates and starting grabbing stuff and making their piles. The first madman was Australian John Van der Kolk who cut of the head of a wooden bull and gave me the impression he had no inhibitions to jumping off the cliff artistically. Next was Amber Aguirre who had these ideas already forming in her head for a teleidoscope and a prasinoscope…she got busy right away forming her concepts and drawing in anyone who would show an interest. Amber who is a fantastic artist also put out about 5 pieces of scrimshaw that she had done back in the mid 1980’s and described by her in terms of time, as two husbands ago…they were fabulous detailed dot type scrimshaw that she had sitting around for 30 years waiting for a new life. I ended up setting one of them, but not until I went back to her the next day and asked about them and they were all taken…sheesh. I guess I wasn’t fast enough out of the gate, but with some talking, I found one that Elizabeth Spotswood Alexander had and she graciously handed it to me.

Here are some photos from the week.

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